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Beschreibung des Moduls 'ejocms_menu'

Beispiel für die Verwendung von 'ejocms_menu'

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--== Summary ==--

Module:   ejoCMS Navigation Menu Module
Version:  0.0.2 alpha
Author:   Ludger Keilig (ejoCMS@invalid-domain.net)

--== Description ==--

A simple module for creating a site navigation menu based on the ejoCMS .vars 

--== History ==--

2003-02-03  v0.0.1 alpha
                    Initial version
2003-04-15  v0.0.1 beta
                    - menu elements now have a left indented depending on the 
                       directory depth
                    - some minore changes to use the multiple language support 
                       from the ejoCMS.
2003-04-19  v0.0.1 
                    - entries are now displayed sorted by directory name
2003-04-20  v0.0.2 alpha
                    - only the content of the base directory and the current
                       subdirectory tree are displayed.


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