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Support for multiple Languages with ejoCMS

The ejoCMS system allows an easy support for multiple languages. The content of a page can be saved in different languages in order to present a visitor a localized version of this page of his choice. After the visitor has choosen a given language, the ejoCMS at first searches for the content file in this language. If such a file exists it is presented to the visitor. Otherwise the page is displayed using the default language content file.

The ejocms_language module helps the user to change easily between these different language settings by displaying a link liste with all available language settings. This liste is created based on the list of all valid language identifers (as presented in the variable $lang_values). It does not represent a list of actual existing language files.

Most of the module of the ejoCMS also support multiple languages and will display their output in the language choosen by the visitor.

Example for the usage of 'ejocms_language'

de en fr es

Modul Informations

--== Summary ==--

Module:   ejoCMS Multiple Language Support Module
Version:  0.0.1 alpha 
Author:   Ludger Keilig (ejoCMS@invalid-domain.net)

--== Description ==--

Support for multiple languages is a build-in feature of ejoCMS. This module 
offers an easy-to-use interface for changing language settings.

This module also provides some of the basic functions for the multiple language 
support. It should be included in every installation of the ejoCMS content 
management system.

--== History ==--

2003-04-16  v0.0.1 alpha
                    Initial version


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